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ReguDocs is a easy simple resposive mobile agile clean stable secure stable standard digital workflow control monitor visibility archive alert document tracking system for your
Regulatory Affairs department.

Our Features

Customer Support

We listen and evolve from your needs and the regulatory laws of each country.

Fully Managed

Don't worry about maintenance, configuration, updates, storage, backups... we handle it.

No limits

Based on product codes per country, place all your documents, companies, users, files, paperwork.

Search & Find

Any product, document, paperwork, company, instantly.

Define the scope

Choose the relevant countries and document types, at any moment.

Bulk Validation

View the status on all related documents from multiple product codes in seconds.

Digital Archives

ReguDocs is naturally your documents digital backup, archive, audit and e-discovery solution.

Always on time

Keep track of every document, every paperwork, of any kind, from any country.

Share the current status

Keep Regulatory Affairs focused and in sync while giving visibility to the commercial areas.